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Within all archaeological attractions of Ollantaytambo, with a exotic flora and fauna of this living Inca town. The Willoq community offers another kind of alternative tourism which could be called Experiential Tourism, because it offers its visitors customs and lifestyles that remained over time, in a little words this place is one of the last towns where you can have the living culture of Peruvian ancestries. The tradition is impregnated in all tasks and activities, from the restless child to mature adult, the people have wise practice and preserve the techniques farming. The right hand Women dominate weaving and manufacturing their clothes. In the structure of the community goverment, it is include childrens, because they don't lie and  the right hand of the President has to be a child.

In addition, this route can be found pre-Inca remains as Markacocha and a small colonial church a top of the hill, that showing up once more the Spanish authoritarianism happened in Andean highlands. To reach at this village we must follow the road from Ollantaytambo to Oqobamba and follow for 19 miles to the community.

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Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu & Puno

USD 808.00 767.6

Tambopata & Taricaya

USD 255.00 242.25

Full Tour in Cusco + Ollantaytambo

USD 591.00 561.45

Ayahuasca in Tambopata

USD 449.00 426.55

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