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Siete Tinajas a circle of waterfalls that surprising to the travelers in Cusco

22 April 2016

Seven Tinajas located in the District of Echarate at a distance of 20 kilometers from the city of Quillabamba the capital of the Province of the Convention at an altitude of 900 meters with an average temperature of 28ºC way into the Peruvian Amazon, the margin left the Urubamba river. Seven Tinajas is a broken lytic efloraciones granitic type by way of cascade, where it runs waters that over time have carved in the bedrock forming irregular channels and capricious formations way tubs or ponds in a number 7 it is hence its name, its volume increases from October through May by the rainy season and then decreased considerably, its uniqueness also lies in its scenic beauty and landscape that these rock formations have petroglyphs of archaeological and anthropological importance since from the early twenties the rock art study in the province of the Convention that made photographic records and charts of these found along this area where they recorded several petroglyph sites from Cholapampa which is in the Chichima hill in front of the city Quillabamba to Pangoa close to the Pongo. In the petroglyphs Seven Tinajas could distinguish 3 panels containing anthropomorphic figures, spirals with wavy appendages, diamond shapes, jagged lines and circles enclosing a spiral, these iconographies were also reflected in facial paintings of ethnic groups, some of these were for prevent disease, related to hunting, others by simple feminine vanity or male, as well as related to the deities that worshiped.

It is since 1995 that these formations come great tourist importance for the region, for its whimsical rock efloraciones and formations tubs, natural beauty landscaper as well as the tireless work of Mr. Aurelio Serrano a neighbor of consciousness rather than a wonder so it should be recognized as attractive in the Cusco region. Petroglyphs seven Tinajas for their characteristics possibly was an important ceremonial center of worship of water.

These rock formations and petroglyphs are beginning for the study of rock art in the vast Amazon territory, which is also shown along the basin of the Rio Urubamba indicating the presence not only of communities Matshiguengas as Arawac if no other possibly not peaceful in search of more fertile land. Besides history and culture the visitor today has the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the natural wealth that surrounds this waterfall, tropical flora and fauna, are a variety of butterflies of many colors, own flowers Amazon climate and warmth of the people and also be able to see the broad fields of cocoa for making chocolate and coffee fields.

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