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Inti Raymi 2015

09 June 2015

The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun was an Inca ceremony to be performed on an annual basis in Cusco, the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the fourth quarter of the harvest and the beginning of the vernal equinox of the Andes, ie in the second half in June. Where Cusco, Perú is the site of Latin America’s second largest festival; The Inti Raymi 2015, Festival of the Sun. It is celebrated every year on June 24th in Cusco, Peru and was once the most important ceremonial day of the Incan empire – Tawantinsuyu. Now Inti Raymi week is the greatest festival week in Cusco each year.

The all day Inti Raymi, Festival of the Sun takes place at 3 sites in and around Cusco; Koricancha, The Main Square (Plaza de Armas) and Sacsayhuaman. Dancers, animals, musicians, the Military, Shaman’s and bodyguards prepare the Inca and his wife’s (Qoya) way from site to site to celebrate the lengthening of the days and the Sun’s returning back closer to the earth.

Now, all animal sacrifices, a very important part of the day are simulated and is consistently one of the larger providers offering Inti Raymi, Festival of the Sun tours and tickets each year. We know how to navigate this very busy day in and around Cusco with minimal hassles, optimal fun and enhanced crowd avoidance with personal service and attention all day. Lunch, drinks, snacks and transportation are included this day. Email or call a tour specialist for more details.

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