Ollantaytambo Travel Guide
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Cusco, Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley - 4 days4 days
From: $450.00
Best of Cusco in 4 days and with all comforts: Cusco City Tour, Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley at an incredible price

Cusco, Ollantaytambo & Machu Picchu - 5 days5 days
From: $540.00
Ollantaytambo is a major attraction of the Sacred Valley, this tour also visit Cusco and Machu Picchu we offer you the opportunity to meet the Inca city where time stood still

Cusco & Machu Picchu Tour - 3 days3 days
From: $370.00
Excellent choice to know Cusco and Machu Picchu in three days

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Ollantaytambo: A little history of this inca living city

17 February 2014 | 307 Reads
Detail experience in Ollantaytambo as living Inca town

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Spectacular view of Ollantaytambo

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Ollantaytambo: The Last living inca city

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More stories about Inca living city of Ollantaytambo

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Cachicata to Machu Picchu

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New Hostel in Machu Picchu

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Cusco a great place to visit

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Carnivals in Ollantaytambo

04 April 2014 | 91 Reads
Ollantaytambo a great place to stay and visit

Ollantaytambo Travel Guide

Ollantaytambo Travel Guide

The Living Inca City

Our living Inca city, this page may find information about Hotels, Hostels, Restaurants, and Travel services in Ollantaytambo. Also visit our tourist guide Cusco: Cusco Travel Guide

Recommended Travel Services in Ollantaytambo

Marco Wasi Hostel Machu Picchu Marco Wasi Hostel Machu Picchu (See more Hostels in Machu Picchu)
Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu
+51 84 636431 +51 984742022
reservas@machupicchuhostel.com Web http://www.machupicchuhostel.com
Our Hostel in Machu Picchu, Marco Wasi Hostelling, is waiting to stay in a family environment. We are aware of all your needs and fulfill all your expectations, at the height of the best hostel in Machu Picchu.Feel free to enjoy our facilities like your own home. The quality of our services is recognized by international media and we're confident that our visiting friends will find the best service they can expect from a hostel in Machu Picchu.
Peru Land Travel Agency Peru Land Travel Agency (See more Travel Agencies)
Tandapata 352 - San Blas
+51 84 227570 +51 984710747
reservas@peruland.com Web http://www.peruland.com
Peru is now one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Machu Picchu is a new wonder and a great tourist attraction. Cusco is the tourist capital of Peru, so our yields are found in what was once the capital of the Inca Empire, Qosqo. The navel of the world also has the fabulous Sacred Valley of the Incas, pleasant walks in the ancient Inca Trails, large snowy as the Salkantay and Ausangate. For these and more reasons not hesitate to contact us for more information and we will gladly cooperate in organizing your stay in our beautiful country.
Kuntur Wasi House Kuntur Wasi House (See more Hostels in Cusco)
Tandapata 352
+51 84 227570 +51 984710747
reservation@cuscoperuhostel.com Web http://www.cuscoperuhostel.com
Our Hostel in Cusco, Kuntur Wasi House, is waiting to go stay in a Cusquenian family atmosphere. We are aware of all your needs and fulfill all your expectations, at the height of the best hostel in Cusco.Feel at ease and enjoy all our amenities of your own home. The quality of our services is recognized by international media, we are confident that our visiting friends find the best service they can expect from a hostel in Cusco. Hospedaje Kuntur Wasi
Samanapaq Samanapaq (See more Hostels)
Corner of the Alameda de Las Cien Ventanas / Pallpamccaro
+51 84 204042 +51 999424572
reservas@samanapaq.com Web http://www.samanapaq.com
SAMANAPAQ: Quechua for "Place for Rest". The name tells what we offer, a lodge where you can relax, spacious and comfortable facilities that allow visitors to enjoy everything: good beds, quiet, spacious rooms equipped with bathrooms, where guests can rest.Also, visitors can walk the 3000 meters of green areas with native trees, orchards, and grassy areas complete with wild birds. They can also relax in the hammocks at the green area and if they want to attend the workshop to see the pottery production process of ceramics or participate actively in this process.
Hotel Ccpac Inka Ollanta Hotel Ccpac Inka Ollanta (See more Hotels)
Calle Los Eucaliptos s/n Ollantaytambo
+51 84 204186 +51 984787670
reservas@hotelinkaollanta.com Web http://www.hotelinkaollanta.com
Ccapac Inka Ollanta is Quechua for "inka rich." The name says what we offer a rich house where you can enjoy all the comforts and where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We have spacious rooms equipped with elegant bathrooms that allow visitors to enjoy the peace and quiet in their own private space. Here guests can relax and feel at home while they gaze out into the majestic Andes mountains.
El Albergue Ollantaytambo Hotel El Albergue Ollantaytambo Hotel (See more Hotels)
Ollantaytambo train station between Cusco & Machu Picchu
+51 84 204014 +51 84 204049
reservations@elalbergue.com Web http://www.elalbergue.com
Originally opened in 1925 under the name of hotel Santa Rosa, El Albergue is a historic and romantic hotel, located in the Ollantaytambo train station little more than an hour away from Machu Picchu and the city of Cusco.With only 16 rooms special detail is given to each and every one, resulting in an elegantly rustic style. Beautiful gardens visited by hummingbirds are engulfed by the aroma of fuchsia, passionflower, peaches and avocado trees which all adorn the early 20th century hotel. Step outside and catch the train to the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu.
21 April 2014
Cusco as an upmarket place for to make tourism
Cusco has undergone an invasion of tourists in recent years. Minty Clinch mingles with the new conquistadors. My head reeled as I stepped out on to the streets of Cusco after nearly 40 years, and not only because of the altitude. To my surprise, the Plaza de Armas, formerly closed and glum, was vibrant with life. The trees in the ...
17 April 2014
Cusco is the city most photographed in Google
A tool web located the peruvian city among the 100 places more photographed, based on data of google the famous searcher. Cusco appears in number 81 of the 100 cities most photographed of the planet in Sightsmap, a virtual tool that shows up by maps "hot zones", places more representative  by users, based on data of Panoramia platform and Google ...
14 April 2014
12 dishes of holy week in Cusco
The twelve dishes that will prepare the moms of Cusco allude to twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. For effects of our chronicle, we will take the testimony of one citizen in Sayllapata district, Paucartambo province.    Teresa Anco Sullca counts us that the twelve dishes that will prepare in his town. The most are soups made a base to andean products. ...
10 April 2014
Cusco and its events & festivities
We explain the all festivis that are in Cusco, since first day of every year until the last day of each year, and we hope, this events will produce on you a great effect to relax and enjoy with us the traditions and culture. The spirit of Peruvian Man, sculpted by art and religion, has given rise to a ...
07 April 2014
Ollantaytambo remains of the ancestral culture
Wherever you go, Ollantaytambo is a place that to must know in every intinerary, 'cause you will breathe the ancient air of the ancestral people and see the houses covering with thatch. Inside of them you will find altars to dedicated to their ancestors, and by history we know that ancestors were the Qeswas people or best known as ...