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Ukukus: 26 years of music and art in Cusco downtown

10 January 2020 (2139 reads)

It has been 26 years since Ukukus, a mixture for biggers, opened its doors as an alternative for the bohemian nights in Cusco. The beginning was encouraging and exciting because it brought together bohemians, artists and especially important musicians of those years. He was also visited by dancers from the extended festivities throughout Cusco, brought pieces of ice from Ausangate himself after the Qoylloriti festivities or the powerful chicha (macerated bravado of corn) after the evening at the crossroads. The place was adorned by an endless number of works of art, all on an extended mural that covered the entire walls of the bar with bright colors, including the bathrooms.


The place we called some: our second home, served to accommodate us in the long night hours and work of dawn and the consecrated bohemian night of Cusco. It was also visited by foreigners, some were admired for the decoration, unique in the center of Cusco and others danced badly with the variety of music that was offered by the artists in a small but cozy setting. Then came the guides who after their work in Machu Picchu and other tourist centers attended Ukukus to meet their colleagues, provide the varied drinks of the letter and greet Miriam, Tito and "El Chino".


Every year Ukukus offered the Rainbow Festival, to celebrate one more anniversary, but especially to offer five days of music, poetry, cinema, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, etc. Many visitors were delighted by such an artistic movement and spent the five days of the festival at the bar's premises. On the central day the hosts offered the famous Andean buffet, which consisted of an open table full of dishes from the Andes: olluco with charki, chuño con queso, mote, baked guinea pig, nabo jaucha, sara lawa, etc and chicha.


In the early morning when the great game ended, all tired and thirsty bohemians sang ... everything has its end ... with this choir some said goodbye to face the hangover, others to continue their work in Machu Picchu or Inca Trail, but the hardest knew that that song would soon come true. After 26 years Ukukus closed its doors, sadly the large house that welcomed us and saw the union of many couples, fell apart and was put under observation, then be closed for various security reasons. Hopefully our friends find another space so cozy and our visitors can love the Cusco nights.

Ukukus: 26 years of music and art in Cusco downtown
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