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Tribal Adventure

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Tribal Adventure 4D

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet a real native family? Hear their stories learn their customs and make your own bow and arrow in this interactive tour with the Esa Eja family.

Begin the 4day tribal tour today and marvel in the legends of the old forest.

Day 1 Jungle Introduction
Day 2 Amazon lodge adventure
Day 3 Native Family
Day 4 Final day: Time to say goodbye

Day 1: Jungle Introduction

Day 1: Jungle Introduction

Airport pick up and transfer to the Amazon Planet office for optional repacking and luggage storage.

Arrivals after 12pm will receive lunch in town, earlier arrivals will have lunch in the lodge.

Depart for Amazon Planet on a 1 hour boat ride down the Madre de Dios River through the heart of the jungle surrounded by flora, fauna and breathtaking scenery.

Arrive at Amazon Planet and settle into your private bungalow.
Shortly after arrival lunch will be served in the restaurant to all guests on early flight arrivals.Enjoy a short rest before meeting with your guide for an introduction talk, an introduction walk around the lodge and inside the rainforest, winding past giant Kapok trees, walking palms and tropical plants while being captivated by the sounds of nature within the forest.

Return to your private bungalow for a rest.

Before dinner, you may take a walk with your guide and group while experiencing the jungle as it is transformed from day into night, or a boat ride under the stars and moon along the river bank in search of alligators and capybaras.

Return with your guide to the main house to delight in a dinner served by our awarded chefs.

After dinner you may return to your bungalow or relax in the company of other guests and volunteers while enjoying one of our famous cocktails or mocktails at the Tunche bar and share your travel stories and experiences with others.

Day 2: Amazon lodge adventure

Day 2: Amazon lodge adventure

Begin your morning with breakfast, served between 7 and 8am, before journeying into the rainforest to commence the day’s activities.

Walking amongst the giants of the forest, 300 year old trees towering above the jungle as you make your way to the first of two platforms.

The avatar platform is located 25 meters up in an ancient fig tree set above a mammal colpa that is a food source for many different types of animals all year round. Cross the suspension bridge to the platform and taken in the magnificent sounds that surround this fascinating area.

Continue down and along the winding trails deeper in the jungle while keeping an observant eye out for wildlife as you make your way to the second  canopy  platform.

Cross a 90 meter suspension bridge before arriving to the highest tree platform in south America! Located 45 meters up in the crown of a kapoc tree.  The 360 degree view from this platform is truly unforgettable!  Try to spot the Tucans,  Macaws and if your lucky the majestic Harpy eagle.

Continue down the trails until arriving at the Taricaya rescue centre (this is not a zoo). These animals are in the process of rehabilitation before being released back into the wild.  Some of the animals that have temporarily called the rescue center home include Jaguars, Pumas, bears, wild dogs (the only one in captivity in the world) almost every feline and monkey specie that exist in these parts have passed through these enclosures at one point before being released back into their natural surroundings in better health.

Approx time 4 hours.

Return to the lodge for lunch and a rest before continuing on with the afternoon activities.

Approx 2 hours break.

Begin with a walk to the agroforestry farm and visit the reforestation project of mahogany, cedar, cocoa, coffee and tropical flowers.  Visit the artificial beaches of the Taricaya turtle project, the butterfly house and the mahogany workshop.

Approx 2 hours.

Return to the Lodge for a short rest before finishing the day’s activities with a caiman search or night walk depending on the first days activities.

Approx 1 hour.

Return to the lodge for a short video on the Taricaya turtle project before ending the night with a well deserved dinner.

Day 3: Native Family

Day 3: Native Family

Begin your 3rd day with breakfast before traveling upriver on a short boat ride to visit the native family of the Ese-Eja tribe.

Be fascinated with interactive stories of their ancestors, the missionary arrival to Puerto and local tribal wars as Enrique (head of the family) skips between his native language and Spanish.

Take part in the making your own bow and arrow that you can bring home as a reminder of your visit with this family.

Finally, you can have a one on one talk with them as the women of the family display their handcrafts and native jewelry, an important economic activity women maintain until now.

Return to the Lodge for lunch and some relaxing time in the hammocks.

Enjoy a once in a life time opportunity to float down the Madre de Dios River in your own inflatable boat with the opportunity to see turtles, monkeys, herons and other birds that live along the rivers edge with a stunning sunset setting over the river.  Take a dip in the warm waters alongside your boat.

The evening can be spent in the main house enjoying board games with your partner or kids, a game of soccer on the football field or even a game of pool in the bar reflecting on the day.

Finish the night with friends for your final dinner at Amazon Planet.

Day 4: Final day: Time to say goodbye

Day 4: Final day: Time to say goodbye

Breakfast is served at 7am. Checkout is at 8am with the boat returning to the city of Puerto Maldonado.  Arrive to the office where our car service will be waiting to take guests with early flights to the airport.

Guests with later flights can arrange tours and lunch with our city staff in the office.

*Tours and lunch on the final day are not included in the paid tour but can be arranged with office staff.

It includes

Program Includes

  • Transfers from Puerto Maldonado Airport - Amazon Planet Lodge - Puerto Maldonado Airport.
  • Accommodation in private bungalows with terrace and private bathroom.
  • All meals (typical plates of this region) and natural juices.
  • Guides in Spanish or English
  • Activities in itinerary:
    • Day and night jungle walks
    • Canopy walkways and platforms
    • Wildlife Rescue Center, Reforestation project, Turtle project and more in the Taricaya Ecological Reserve
    • Caiman search
    • River adventure on inflatable boats
    • Visit to a native family of the Ese-Esa tribe original population of the Madre de Dios river)

Additional Activities (not included)

  • Visit to Lake Sandoval– USD 70
  • Visit to Native family – USD 25
  • Birdwatching - USD 35
  • Botanical walk – USD 25
  • Research projects – USD 35
  • Cooking class– USD 25
  • River adventure (to repeat – USD 15
  • Caiman Search (to repeat – USD 15
  • Fishing – USD 15
  • Claylick Tour (activity for one extra night – USD 210
  • Ayahuasca Ceremony 2d1n (activity for one extra night)– USD 150

NOTE: Please note these activities are subject to availability

Prices per person USD Simple Room Double Room Triple Room
  490 340 340


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Offers 2023 - 2024

Tribal Adventure

USD 340.00 323
Amazon Planet tourist and conservation Lodge was formed by a group of professionals dedicated to working towards the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon rainforest.

Tambopata & Lake Sandoval

USD 370.00 351.5
Amazon Planet tourist and conservation Lodge was formed by a group of professionals dedicated to working towards the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon rainforest.

Rescue Centre Circuit

USD 270.00 256.5
Amazon Planet tourist and conservation Lodge was formed by a group of professionals dedicated to working towards the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon rainforest.

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