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The route begins outside of Ollantaytambo along the old road to Cqobamba until we find a junction in Munaypata zone, following the Patakancha creek with direction to high level, where is located a great quantity of agricultural terraces are still cultivated, many of them still preserved their aqueducts. Along the path of right riverside and after about two hours of walking you will reach to Pumamarka ("Puma town") was certainly a very important population center in Inca times and is about 3600 m (11810 ft.).

Many stories surrounding this enigmatic place, because no one knows when it was built, not what his specific role. For some authors, it could have been another checkpoint bound to limited the population step on Antisuyo side, one of four "suyos" or regions in which the Inca Empire was divided, but the construction is too large for only have this function.

The type of architecture of this site correspond to Inca period, so it is assumed that Pumamarka corresponded to one of the first settlements of this group in Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo. But the construction was realized in different stages that began around the thirteenth century, a date which doesn't correspond with the arrival of the Incas into the valley, according to documents the mid-fifteenth century.

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Ayahuasca in Tambopata

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