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When we travel in Ollantaytambo is impossible not to see Pinkuylluna hill that containing something out of place, which are the impressive Inca deposits and the location of these deposits we find extravagant or uncomfortable and surreal view that you can see, but according to the Bernabé Cobo chronicler and many of his investigations showed everyone that the Incas used high places because they could preserve or conserve their food ventilately. Therefore, these two rectangular deposits shows up that given the position in which they are located. These allow had it a greater ventilation how much was the volume contained in them, so that the conservation status of the products was very high. (Jean Pierre Protzen, 1989). Some closed-form, others whose fronts are lower than later, with very steep roofs with large window in the front and rear parts.

If you want to know this stunning architectural daring of Peruvian ancestry in Ollantaytambo, the route starts in Qosqo Ayllu where you will be surrounded by a walk of two miles of pure unforgettable views and reaching to deposits you will have a unique view to archaeological remains of Ollantaytambo and almost  the entire Sacred Valley of the Incas.

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Tambopata & Taricaya

USD 255.00 242.25

Full Tour in Cusco + Ollantaytambo

USD 591.00 561.45

Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu & Puno

USD 808.00 767.6

Ayahuasca in Tambopata

USD 449.00 426.55

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