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Rainy season tips for visit Machu Picchu

27 December 2019 (2458 reads)

Every year the city of Cusco and its main tourist attraction go through a period of rains, but it is not limited to one wanting to know this world wonder, because it is compressible that the end of the rainy season confuses many people who plan to travel to Machu Picchu during these months. Some people imagine that it rains all day, every day, but this could not be further from the truth; although it is possible to have some of "those days". The season begins the first days of November and ends in April; January and February are the months with the strongest rainfall, with lightning and thunder.

A typical summer day in Cusco and Machu Picchu means a clear sky in the morning, a possible rain in the afternoon (it can be very strong and last a couple of hours), then it will be clear again. However, it is possible that it may get a little wet; You will have the city of Machu Picchu with as few people as possible, being able to take pictures of the structures and trails of Machu Picchu, without a lot of people in them.


What are the advantages of visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu in the rainy season?


  • Less People: Machu Picchu receives its least amount of visitors during the rainy season, this will allow you to explore the Inca city with tranquility; You can take beautiful photos, without numerous strangers in them.
  • Low Prices: In the rainy season (low season) it is possible to purchase additional flights, hotels, restaurants and tours, with up to 25% discount, and thanks to the law of supply and demand, you can find very good quality products, at prices low. The high season makes prices rise between 30% and 100%.
  • Green Landscapes: The rains in the region make Machu Picchu and the entire Sacred Valley of the Incas become intense green. The landscape is completely covered with grass, flowers and seasonal fruits.
  • Warm Weather: The rainy season is wetter, but the days are warmer; However, this moisture (almost 96%) helps moisturize the skin and hair, the lips do not dry out as in the dry season, it also feels cleaner, pure and fresh air.
  • Gastronomy: During this time you can taste exotic fruits and vegetables, typical of the season, such as capulí, mangoes, pears and peaches (organic), typical of the season and the area.
  • Spiritual tourism: In recent years, many people are coming to Machu Picchu practicing spiritual tourism. The incredible energy of Machu Picchu attracts people from all corners and cultures of the world; and without a doubt, the rainy season offers one of the best moments for it, since it will be in Machu Picchu as alone as possible. If you don't have your Machu Picchu tickets reserved yet, do it now.
Rainy season tips for visit Machu Picchu
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