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Torontoypata canyon another tour in Cusco Rainforest

15 April 2016 (1333 reads)

The canyon is located in the mountains of Torontoypata, Huynapata town has a length of 150 m. and reaches 10 m. wide with walls that reach 60 m. where you can see the nests of the cockerels of the rocks (Rupícola Peruviana) Peru's national bird, the quetzal tall and Paucar or Pusti. At the end of the journey through the waters of the river canyon you can see three waterfalls between 15 to 20 m. high. About 300 m. by the river is another waterfall of 33 m. height that allows adventure sports like canyoning (rock fall). Among the highlights flora has ferns, secropia, orchids, lichens, Cafetales, achiote, fruit trees and medicinal plants. During the walk access to the Falls you can enjoy fantastic plots cultivated with coffee production and forests. Canyon Torontoy is located within the Natural Region Yunga as classified by Javier Pulgar Vidal and is between 1500 and 2300 meters above sea level, one can distinguish the climate of river Yunga ie moderate warm, holder of a beneficial climate with 28 ° C is the annual average, slightly humid with seasonal summer rainfall (over 400 mm per year). The materials outcropping in the area mainly correspond to alluvial deposits that are formed by deposition of gravel, sand corresponding to alluvial fans, mudflows, extended diatomite throughout the stratigraphic Lito unit, silt, clay interspersed with horizons of paleosols of colors clear, it is also peat. The sedimentary environment of this sequence corresponds to an alluvial sedimentation basin.


Its natural appeal is in good condition, but does not have adequate signage, pedestrian circuits have stairs in disrepair, lack of tourist stops and rest areas. The occasional tourist sector, have to go through a series of difficulties to reach the canyon, because in many cases the local guides do not have the technical capabilities to drive tourists, also the residents of this sector does not have the ability to offer their services food, adequate housing, mostly due to ignorance, which prevents in this area to develop tourism efficiently.


Here are two videos from this canyon:


Part 1:




Part 2:



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