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Spectacled bear captive tourists in Machu Picchu

03 September 2015

Several tourists who were visiting the Huayna Picchu were surprised when approached by an Andean bear, which immediately captivated.

According to the account of a local guide: "At first everyone they were scared but the peaceful animal Incas down some stairs and then retired." After the scare, tourists began to shoot the bear.

Note that as part of the strategic partnership between various public and private institutions for the protection of the emblematic Andean Bear, the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State-Sernanp and the Regional Government of Cusco presented the "Strategy for Bear Conservation Andino in the Sanctuary and the Regional Conservation Area Choquequirao ".

This strategy seeks to preserve the Andean bear in the complex most representative of the Inca culture protected areas, where the most recognized such as Machu Picchu and Choquequirao architectural works are erected, as this unique species of úrsido registered in Latin America live in this area.

This technical document will understand the importance and current problems concerning the protection of the species considered in danger of extinction, and design management strategies and management initiatives to ensure their protection and availability in the Andean future.

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