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Sacred Valley: Inkariy Museum as one of the best places to see our past

11 February 2016 (703 reads)

In 2002, a project of Inkariy Museum was created thanks to an initiative of a group of artists and archaeologists who decided to show the world an impressive demonstration of the most important pre-Columbian cultures of Peru through a modern language and easy reading texts.


The main goal of the project is to protect and increase a value of our history with emphasis on a human factor of the pre-Colombian societies filling up gaps of Peruvians about their ancestors.


In addition to completing a vision of our past, we try to show with the project that Peru is a country of various cultures, not only the splendid Incan Empire, but also the cultures of Caral, Chavín, Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Wari, Lambayeque and Chimú. A chronological circuit of the museum is dedicated to explain about these societies.


This overview of the pre-Hispanic Peru shows that we are a country rich in history and traditions seeking to diversify and decentralize national and international tourism.


Our team has created an innovative museological scheme that democratizes a museum script and brings archaeological information to all levels of public starting from children to adults. This initiative of the museum turned a large disposition of our history into a program with three articulated work lines that include broad scale research spreading by means of books and brochures, travelling exhibitions on national and international level and an important work of social projection in the area of Cusco.


Place: Kilómetro 53 de la Carretera Cusco-Urubamba, Calca, Cusco. Horario: De L a D, 10 a.m. a 6 p.m. Entrada: 30 soles. Informes: 984-904-432. Visite:



Don Edilberto Mérida, el patriarca de la familia, fue declarado Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación en 2002 y recibió la Orden del Sol en 2007.

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