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Pisaq: A wonderful place in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

04 September 2014 (351 reads)

Pisaq is an archaeological site located in Cusco and it is considered one of most important sites into Sacred Valley of the Incas. Inside of Pisaq, the tourists can see a semicircular building with a straight side wall that is the mythic Sun temple which attract a lot of travelers, photographers and experts of architecture. This place worked as a ceremonial center dedicated to the Sun.


Pisaq constitute one of the most beautiful monumental centers of whole valley, also the place count with another impressive architectonic constructions that represent the ancient engineering . Additionally in the Sun temple, we can see towers, neighborhoods and terraces for crops adapted to the hills.


The sun temple is above the mountain and it has a predominant position above whole valley, as you can see in the pictures. Also Pisaq constitute a place for reunited with the Inca past and merge it with the beautiful landscapes.



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