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New archaeological complex of Wata in Cusco city

02 December 2015

About 100 people, including workers Decentralized Cultural Department of Cusco, the District Municipality of Huarocondo, Copesco Plan and peasant communities, comprehensive cleaning Wata archaeological site located in the province of Anta was performed.

The conference, sponsored by the cultural organization, allowed the cutting of vegetation, roots extraction of stone walls, removal and transfer of weeds and fix bridle path from the road to the archaeological site Pachar.

Multisectoral action the conservative presided workers areas and archaeological sites Anta, peasant communities Anapahua, Chillipahua and Amparaque and local government staff Huarocondo.

The cleaning campaign was preceded by a talk given in Quechua motivation of the importance of protecting and preserving our cultural heritage, highlighting its decisive role in the formation of our Andean cultural identity.

The Coordinator of this activity, Archaeologist Eduardo Pacheco, said that for the first time all the institutions of the province of Anta joined forces for this campaign that allowed to show the full range of enclosures, platforms and ceremonial sites Wata, which is located in the top of the ravine Pachar.

"This work helped strengthen the bonds of cooperation and participation of the Department of Culture of Cusco Decentralized population and with other state entities" that official said.

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