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Inti Raymi 2014 tour an travel

29 May 2014

In the solstice of winter (June 21).The Incas made a celebration to the sun call Inti Raymi (Festival Of The Sun) in order the sun bring better lighting for their farms in the next time to the sun approaches to the earth, because In June, the sun was going away and the cold increased in the early mornings with frosty waters on streets, therefore, had to ask the sun come back and the twilight sunlight morning doesn't continue moving to the north. Finally, we had to show him the god Inti, eternity and total surrender of their children, with submission and respect.


On these days the festival held three days after the solstice and Cusco makes this celebration with a lot of faith to the andean god Inti (runasimi tongue) on June 24 of every year.

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