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Inca trail will be closed all february for maintenance

21 January 2016 (600 reads)

The Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu archaeological sanctuary will be closed next for conservation and maintenance work February, the spokesman for the Department of Culture Puzzled Cusco (CDR), Lina Velasco told Efe today.


The official said the restriction throughout February due to the execution of maintenance work on the Inca road network, which receives every day about 500 people, including tourists and assistants who carry the luggage of travelers who make the journey on foot .


The closing of the passage of the Inca Trail, which consists of more than 40 kilometers, is part of the provisions of a conservation regulation is applied each year in February for the Decentralized Cultural Department of Cuzco (CDR).


Velasco said that during this period of restriction visitors can reach the Inca citadel by train or bus, so that tourism will not be affected.


"Tourism companies had already been alerted several months that the Inca Trail would be closed in the second month of the year," said the official.


Among the main actions of conservation the current number of people entering the Inca Trail and if this figure is within the parameters of sustainability that allow their conservation will be evaluated.


During the four weeks, the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State (Sernanp) also will monitor the tourism impact on the ecosystem of the area.


Also, treatments will be on the ground to allow the water does not block the roads, often damaged by the constant passage of visitors.


In addition, the areas will be reforested with native species, Inca stone blocks that could collapse and maintenance of the toilets will be held reset.


The Inca Trail in the Cuzco region starts at kilometer 82 of the railway known as Pisqakucho and ends before reaching the Inca citadel, point called Puerta del Sol, a route that is usually done in four days of hiking.

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