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Cusquenian gastronomy for carnival this february

12 February 2015 (618 reads)

One of the most cooked dishes during this carnival in february is the delicious T'impu or Puchero, which is a traditional dish during this festivities and this food appears in all family lunch tables. T'impu is a word in runasimi language that means cooked and in that sense means cooked meat & vegetables.

How to prepare the delicious T'impu?

For its preparation is must buy lamb meat, charqui, lamb head, cabbage, potato, sweet potato, yucca, birraca, onion with tail, chickpeas, peaches, corn, morcella and its rocoto; also you can accompany with hot pepper.

First, you need to cook the lamb meat into hot water cutted in small pieces jointly with the lamb head, the charqui, garlic, onion  and salt to strong flame. Once cooked, is removed the consomme to other recipient for later serve with the T'impu.

In other pot will put the potatoes, the cabbage in brach's, peppermint and the chickpeas to half cooked; instantly you put meats above it all and it turns to take the consomme removed previously, at this time you need to put the fire soft. 20 minutes before to get out the consomme you need to add the rice and moraya.

To finalize it removed the consomme a once more and everything is ready to serve. Don't forget that the T'impu will be serve in two dishes: one for the consomme and the other for the T'impu.


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