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Cusco: The great tour inside of this ancient city

29 January 2016 (935 reads)

Cusco is a beautiful city located in southern Peru, at 3300 meters above sea level. The beautiful city of Cusco is famous worldwide due to the numerous archaeological remains left by the Inca culture, its narrow streets still preserve the temples and palaces that once housed the men and forgers women one of the most powerful empires of America, known as the Tawantinsuyo. Cusco is the gateway to one of the most spectacular archaeological sites that exist throughout the continent, Machu Picchu, Inca imposing architectural setting, nestled amid mountains and deep canyons.


The City Tour in Cusco begins with the collection of our customers in their hotels. Then we went to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, Inca imposing building, located north of the city. Sacsayhuaman is one of the most significant archaeological legacies that owns the city of Cusco, due to its massive construction, composed of enormous blocks of stone. It is said that the construction of Sacsayhuaman lasted more than 50 years to more than 20,000 men were used in the building. Later continue our journey and drive to the ruins of Kenko, cool caves carved by the Incas where you can see a small altar where the Incas mummified their dead is believed. Then visit the ruins of Tambomachay, a beautiful place where water emerges from a hill toward some sources constructed by the Incas, says that the Inca emperor came here to take their baths and perform religious cults water. After visiting the most important ruins Cusco offers, we went to the great temple of the sun, known as the Qoricancha or Golden Enclosure. The Qoricancha is located in Cusco, a few meters from Piazza Weapons. This marvelous temple is considered one of the most sacred and impressive buildings that took the Incas lords. It is said that the temple housed a large select group of Inca priests responsible to worship the moon and the sun god. It is said that when the conquistadors arrived in the Coricancha, the walls were covered with solid gold, and there were many ornaments and jewelry made of gold, it took weeks to melt all the gold and sent to Spain. Finally we visit the majestic cathedral of Cusco, considered by many one of the most beautiful in all of South America. 

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