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Cusco south tour: Huacarpay Lagoon

21 May 2015

Lagoon Wetland Huacarpay Lucre, is located in the valley of the Vilcanota River, District of Lucre, Quispicanchis Province, Cusco Department, 27 Km. From the city of Cusco. It is quite visited on weekends, their environment is protected and facilities on its shores contribute to the convenience of visitors, access is easy from the city of Cusco, taking the paved road Cusco - Puno until kilometer 27, where a detour to the village is still Huacarpay the shores of the lake of the same name.

The wetland Lucre - Huacarpay covers an area of 1979 hectares and is composed of four permanent lakes (Waton, Lucre, Pumaorco, Choquepujio and Huascar); A seasonal lagoon (Huacarpay - Muyan), two reservoirs (A and Pisqonniyoc) and two rivers (Lucre and Huatanay).

According to information provided by the Interagency Technical Committee and Concerted Wetland Microcuenca Huacarpay and Lucre, in a report released by the Center Guaman Poma de Ayala, we know that this natural system's sources of food and shelter approaches mately 108 species of birds during most of the year, some are endemic to the place and others are endangered.

Here you can also find native species of tiny fish such as "Chini Challwa", which some people would be about to disappear.

It is concerned that although mammals are scarce, it calls our attention to the presence of wild guinea pig or "poroq'owe" and Andean foxes.

North of Lake Choquepujio on 3000 100 meters above sea level, you can see carob plants. In the opinion of scholars, this place is probably the highest altitude habitat in South America for this species.

In the wetland Lucre - Huacarpay are species like chachacomo, molle, LAmbran, capulí, and others also appreciated.

In the lakes and lagoons predominate species of submerged aquatic plants, reeds in large formations also occupied the shores of Lake forming islets. In the extensive ecosystem grass, reed and others are also observed.

The wetland Lucre - Huacarpay, declared a Ramsar site, is the eleventh Peruvian wetland with this category since its establishment on September 23, 2006, but it is surely the only one who can boast of having been used by cultures like Wari and Inca .

The requirements for being declared a wetland Ramsar is that the ecosystem on account of their international significance in terms of ecology, botany, zoology, limnology, and water, and they are frequented by waterfowl at any season.

As of 23 September 2006, the Wetland Lucre - Huacarpay located in the Valley of Cusco, will be designated as a Ramsar site by the Peruvian Government and the Ramsar Convention, thus becoming the first Peruvian tenth wetland of international importance; with more than 1978 hectares, the first Ramsar site in Peru promoted by local communities, with the support of the Association for Nature and Sustainable Development - ANDES, the National Environmental Council - CONAM and the Association Andean Ecosystems - ECOAN .

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