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Cusco is the city most photographed in Google

17 April 2014 (874 reads)

A tool web located the peruvian city among the 100 places more photographed, based on data of google the famous searcher.


Cusco appears in number 81 of the 100 cities most photographed of the planet in Sightsmap, a virtual tool that shows up by maps "hot zones", places more representative  by users, based on data of Panoramia platform and Google maps, both are subsidiaries of the famous search engine.


Sightsmap determines the location of the images through GPS for then process  this information and show it in a world map online, in that will places, the most popular appears with yellow color and lest popular in black.


Also from Cusco the other places of national interest that will appear on virtual map are: Machu Picchu (106 views), Lima (331 views) and Arequipa (374 views). And farther apart in the ranking are Miraflores district of Lima (418 views), Ollantaytambo (674 views) and Puno (1706 views).







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