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Cusco city: Cruz Velacuy on May 3rd

01 April 2016 (980 reads)

The festivities are held on May 3 in the whole area of ​​Cusco and very hubbub universal sense, is to worship the cross.

This festival originates in the early decades of the eighteenth century. When I was a relatively humble and / or modest without maginifisencia that today has private family holiday at the time. The cross is a symbol of Christianity equally for Catholics is the representation of the Passion of Jesus Christ, after the Spanish conquest occur, the cross was one of the elements of struggle and ideological fight to evangelize the Americans and also to facilitate your submission and worship were mandatory and its use in the new world, "grubbers idolatrous" (Catholic priests) to destroy their sanctuaries Inca (Inca idols) were careful to place crosses in place.

The celebration of the cross normally has a butler or "carguyoq" the person who accepted voluntarily organize and pay most of the expenses for the holding, who is almost always a person with resources and owner of a house where an altar to rise to the cross.

The start of the festival is the day on May 2 with the removal or lowering of the crosses from the hilltops or shrines where they are.

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