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A little history of the conquest in Peru by the cronist Pedro Pizarro

27 August 2015

"Well, being all night, as I have said, the Spanish veil, with much fear of many people that the Indian had, like Soto and those who were with him, reported seeing, and not be experienced Spaniards how these Indians fought, or what mood had, because so far had not fought war with Indians, but had been in Tumbes and the Puna with a few who did not reach six hundred. Well, after dawn, the Marquis Don Francisco Pizarro ordered his people, halving the horsemen parts, giving one to the other Hernando Pizarro and Hernando de Soto and likewise left to ordinary people two Parties, the taking over and giving his brother Juan Pizarro other. also, He sent Pedro de Candia with two or three footmen and trumpets go up to a strength that is on the square of Cajamarca, and there were a small falconete the field brought and making a signal from the warehouse, which would make when all the Indians had entered the square, and Atahualpa with them, and being within the signal would, and let go haciéndosela shooting and touched the trumpets, and touched the horsemen would come thronging to a large shed where everyone was stuck where much good fit whatever. The shed had many doors, all the, larger than could well ride out those inside were square. Also shed, a party to exit after the horsemen. So everyone was in this shed, none missing; nor out of the square, because they did not see in droves. All pretales horses cast their bells to bring terror to the Indians. For just being Spanish it was new to Atobaliba of Indians who had spied that the Spaniards were all stuck in a warehouse full of fear, and that none appeared on the square; and truth the Indian said, because I heard many Spaniards who urinated without feeling of pure fear. "

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