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Cusco: Moom temple around the city

10 July 2015 (2459 reads)

Cusco: Moom temple around the city

This area is an archaeological complex of Cusco, before little visited by tourists, but that gradually is being increasingly visited by those who want to know "places of power". Its Inca name is "Salonpunku" but is also known as the "Temple of the Moon" or the "Cueva del Mono"; It is located on the ancient Inca trail that led from Cusco to the Antisuyo, and was probably also one of the "Temples" or most important shrines magical time.

It was an Inca ceremonial complex that was carved using the natural rock energéticas- place-their properties, to create a magical temple, taking advantage of a natural fault that cut two stone, carved Inca temple inside the cave; above the grotto thus formed, there is a small opening, which was amended by its builders, so that at midnight the full moon closest to the winter solstice, the lights inside the church completely. Also, on the other nights of the full moon of the year, the temple illuminated by the sun, was conducive to astronomical calculations, .. and even today is used to make ancient Incan rites inside. Had formerly sacred animal figures carved into the rock -monos, snakes, etc, of which few traces remain, as they were methodically destroyed during the conquest, by the "stamping out pagan idols."

"This place has been used for centuries to communicate with the world of Urin Pacha (the underworld Inca); "The world below." This is the place where you can hear the Apus. Few people possess the secret, but if you wish, this evening you will feel yourself ". - Tell us guides.

Few descendants of Incas who know the secret of "huacas talk", let alone those who have access to one, to complete these ancestral rites; allow an anonymous tourist, who could participate ne a similar rite in the Temple of the Moon, tell us your experience :.

"... The promise sounded tempting Dusk came and not have to wait long,;. I let my horse graze quietly and devoted myself to nap in the cool grass until the time came it was almost full moon night, and. I saw coming out majestic, turning the whole sky a deep red. Ernesto My guide, he took out a bag of her bag and began to spread on the ground, where he had previously brought a blanket, some herbs and powders. "

"At the" counter "shaman, elements of the magical universe necessary beginning to it appear to establish contact with the underworld. The world of the dead awaiting communication. Ernesto continued with his work. He lit a small candle that gave some light to the scene. Suddenly he asked me to kneel down, he rubbed some scented herbs, anointed my head with some oils and invited me to walk behind him. So I did. "

"Little by little, we went to surrounding us that huaca inside. The silence filled everything, the last peasants had long since had left the place, just were hanging Ernesto, our horses, night and I".

"Suddenly, when we begin to penetrate in the middle of the rock I could feel a whisper Do you feel it -.? Ernesto told me it was almost imperceptible nodded and continued Committing to the rock Once inside the cave,... in the broadest and illuminated by the glow of the candle small hole, he made me sit and wait. It will not take long to show the phenomenon I expected. "

"While Ernesto again rubbed herbs and a litany prayed quietly, a new whisper, this time more intense, he felt between the stone walls. It was so intense, so vivid, that made my hair stand on end. Ernesto and I looked, he nodded, and for the first time in his face felt anxiety and fear In a low voice said. "Be careful, are not always good spirits shown on this altar, there are times when tormented entities come to earth to disturb human, are you afraid? "I said no, but I was about to run away."

"He continued his litany and the voice became even more intense. At first it was just one, then joined another, and soon was a chorus of diverse and ghostly voices that filled that room. Stunned, he tried to find a explanation of this phenomenon. The wind that blows between the cracks of the stone, a hallucination, or be true I'm hearing these voices? Ernesto quickly gave me the answer. "

"These are the voices of my brothers ... when they hope reborn. The world below is ready to come to the surface and disclose the mysteries, it is time to revive our traditions and let the Inca is revealed ".

"Those assertions seemed like the voices roared harder. As I could, put my back to the rock, it seemed that at any moment the voices were to take shape and would eventually manifest itself there. The candle was consumed and everything filled with shadows when, suddenly, a ray of moonlight illuminated the room of the cave. At that time, Ernesto blew out the candle. "

"A new chorus of voices again manifest. Everything seemed to roar in the midst of the stone cathedral. The moon illuminated the entire stay, and Ernesto greeted the men of the place and made me get up. The ceremony, demonstration, had concluded ".

"It could be dangerous to be longer, sometimes the voices not only sound, but take form and become visible to humans. At that time must be very sane, very balanced to see what is not visible. By now it is well, it is better go now. "

"Stunned and wanting more, I ignored him and quietly left the cave. Outside night had filled the sky of stars as the moonlight filled everything. I mounted my horse and I drifted into town while he is walking in the middle of the ruins of the great Inca fortress at that time populated by shadows and who knows if other voices from the past waiting to be heard "

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